Favorite  Pistol Load Data:

**A Shooting Chrony Beta Master was used for testing. Always double check load data incase something is typed incorrectly.**

SVC = Steel Valley Casting
C = Coated
RN = Round Nose​ 
CN = Conical Nose 
WC = Wad Cutter​ 
SWC = Semi Wad Cutter 

380 Auto:

100grn SVC RN-C
     3.0grains Winchester 231     825-849 FPS     0.954" OAL
     3.4grains IMR 4756              825-849 FPS     0.954" OAL

Shot from Sig P238

 ***Our bullet has a different profile and is shorter than others when loaded when comparing 100grn bullets***​

9mm Auto:

125grn SVC CN-C

     4.3grains Win 231                                          1.085" OAL    

     3.4grains IMR PB                                           1.085" OAL

     4.4grains Unique                                            1.085" OAL

     5.0grains Longshot                  1120 FPS            1.100" OAL (XDm Compact 3.8")

     3.4grains 700x                                                     1.070" OAL

     4.7grains P-5066                                                 1.070" OAL

*** Use 125grain Bullet load Data when developing loads for this bullet***

40 S&W:

180grn SVC RN-C
     6.0grains IMR4756                960 FPS            1.122" OAL

Shot from S&W 4006
***shoots good but room for improvement***

135grn Nosler HP
     7.8grain IMR4756                                            1.125" OAL

38 Special:

100 grain SVC RN-C

       4.0 grains CFE Pistol

       excellent low recoil load, bullet seated and crimped just above top driving band

148grain SVC WC-C
     4.0grains IMR 4756               884 FPS
     3.5grains Bullseye                 930 FPS
Bullet seated just above flush with case mouth  Moderate Roll crimp.

Shot from Dan Wesson  8" barrel
***These loads are recommended for Hard Cast or Powder Coated Bullets Only. These loads are from the Lyman book***

357 Mag:

158grain SVC SWC-C
     15.4 grains Win 296               1200 FPS           1.565" OAL 

Heavy Roll Crimp Used
Shot From 8" Dan Wesson
***Shoots good but lots of muzzle flash***

     14.8grains 2400                     1360 FPS           1.565" OAL 

Heavy Roll Crimp Used
Shot From 8" Dan Wesson

125grain Winchester HP
     15grains 2400                        1275 FPS          1.570" - 1.590" OAL  

Heavy Roll Crimp Used
Shot From 8" Dan Wesson

     7.7 IMR4756

10mm Auto:

180grain SVC RN-C
     6.0 Grain Solo 1000               1120 FPS          1.259" OAL

Shot from Glock G20 and Kimber Custom Stainless Target

45 ACP:

230grain SVC RN-C
     4.8grains Solo 1000                                         1.210" OAL
     8.0 grains IMR4756                                          1.210" OAL
     5.5grains Bullseye                                            1.210" OAL
200grain SVC SWC-C
     5.5 grains Unique                                             1.210"-1.250" OAL
     5.0 grains Bullseye                                           1.210"-1.250" OAL
     5.6-5.8grains HP-38                                         1.250" OAL (XDm Compact 3.8")

***Seating depth is critical to function. If C.O.A.L is exceeded round may not chamber and slide may not go into battery. Driving band of bullet must be seated at or just below case mouth for proper function.***

500 S&W Mag:

350grn Berry's TMJ FP
     14 grains Unique                   925 FPS

Very Nice Light Target Load
Shot out of 8 3/4"  S&W 500 Mag 

350grn Hornady XTP
     37 grains 2400                      1550 FPS
     37 grains Lil' Gun                  1650 FPS

Shot out of 8 3/4"  S&W 500 Mag

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