Favorite  Rifle Load Data:

**A Shooting Chrony Beta Master was used for testing. Always double check load data incase something is typed incorrectly.**

SVC = Steel Valley Casting
C = Coated

300 BLK: 220 grain SVC-C

To assist in loading our coated bullet and not to scrape off any coating, we recommend the use of a rifle expanding die (such as the Lyman 30 Short Neck Expanding (M) die). After seating the bullet use a Lee Factory Crimp die to set the case making back to specifications. 

     11.0 grains  A1680                                        2.185" - 2.215" COL*

     11.3 grains H4198**                1070 fps.       2.185" - 2.215" COL*

*This is a range for COL that has worked in different guns.
**(Suppressed, and bench rested out of a bolt gun. This will cycle an auto.)